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How to output 2.35:1 cropped video using only Final Cut Pro X

More and more 4K cameras are appearing on the market at affordable prices, and with them come a number of intriguing compositional possibilities, for cropping images without any loss in quality (reframing and panning and zooming in post), or presenting them in different aspect ratios. Even shooting in boring old 1080p 16:9 gives you some “scope” (pun intended!) for changing the composition in post, by cropping to a wider/ narrower aspect ratio in post, such as 2.35:1.

Given that Vimeo and other video services have native support for a number of different aspect ratios rather than just vanilla 16:9, wouldn’t it be good if you could output your videos in native 2.35:1, rather than having them in 16:9 with black bars at the top and bottom?
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“For the love of the thing”

Don’t forget that no tripod has yet been built which is as miraculously versatile in movement as the complex system of supports, joints, muscles, and nerves which is the human body, which, with a bit of practice, makes possible the enormous variety of camera angles and visual action.

From Maya Deren’s manifesto “Amateur Versus Professional”, in Film Culture 39 (1965): 45–46. Full text at hambrecine.