sunset on the moat

Sunset on the moat

Time for some glowing, grainy golden hour.

I bought a lens turbo focal reducer for my Panasonic G6. It’s an adaptor that follows the same principles as the much more expensive, Brian Caldwell-designed Speed Booster. In other words it reduces the focal circle of the lens, making it faster and wider by a factor of 1.5. In other words, you’ll get the same field of view as if you put the lens on an APS-C.

Given that I had a load of soft, glowing shots, I thought I’d roll with that look and put some film grain on.

This was all shot with a Nikon Ai-S 50mm f1.8, the small, E-series version, and some ND filters for the daytime shots.

I have to admit I’m a little disappointed with the results, a lot of the shots are decidedly soft and grainy. I would expect a bit of glow when a lens like the 50/1.8 is wide open, but some of these shots, such as the ones into the sun, are stopped down a bit, and I was expecting them to be a lot sharper.

As both the lens and the adaptor are new to me, the jury is still out as to which is the culprit (not a well designed experiment, I know). The lens should be sharp, Ken Rockwell calls it “one of the sharpest lenses you can get for your Nikon”, but it’s possible I got a not so great version.

I’ll have to do some more tests with my Ai-S 24mm f2.8, which is sharp. But the culprit could well be the Lens Turbo. Oh well, I guess there’s a reason people pay so much more for the Speed Boosters. More tests next week.

Given that I had a load of soft, glowing shots, I thought I’d roll with that look and put some film grain on. It’s the fine grain that ships with ImpulZ, at 25% opacity. I wanted it to be just perceptible, but not too heavy. You can’t really see it with the Vimeo streaming unfortunately; you’ll have to download the original file. I applied it before the LUT, in this case the ImpulZ Kodak Elite Chrome 200. This is the most subtle of the LUTs in the ImpulZ collection; it’s really just a very subtle tweak of the colour tonality. I don’t generally go for film grain, as I think it’s overused, and risks becoming a visual cliché. But I thought that it was justified here, as it complements the softness of the lens/ adaptor (and I get to pretend my soft footage is deliberate). For some of the shots (the limbs of the tree at 1:53), it’s a nice look.

Music: Like Brigade my Podington Bear

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5 thoughts on “Sunset on the moat

  1. Great video! I have a few questions regarding the panasonic g6,
    What do you find to be the best picture style settings for the panasonic g6 are grading?
    Do you shoot AVCHD or mp4? Do you notice a lot of noise with even low iso shots at below 640?
    What is the difference between Visioncolor Impulz and Osiris and how do you colour correct before applying these luts?

    Many thanks

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