Walking Home Redux

An alternative cut of the Walking Home video, just showing the ImpulZ LUT graded shots, and with some extra and extended scenes.

It was shot in the “blue hour”, ie just after the sun went down, which meant the Voigtlander Color-Skopar was able to capture some great colours. It’s a fantastic lens, but absolutely tiny. The focus and aperture rings are so thin that each has to have a plastic tab jutting out from them so that you can get a handle on them. This works OK in landscape mode, but if you’re taking photographs in portrait mode you have to do a yoga pose to reach infinity focus. It’s very sharp in the centre, and at wider apertures it has some very funky swirling bokeh at the edges. The Micro 4/3 sensor crops most of the funkiness out, but you can still see it in some shots. I don’t have any of the Sony A7 series; I’m kind of curious to see what it’s like full-frame.

This was shot walking up the kagurazaka hill, on my way home, as were many of the people you can see here. In terms of composition I went for closeups of the diverse light sources which make this such a colourful part of town to shoot in at this hour, as well as planar compositions of shop fronts and vendors, which the 35mm lens (that is, 70mm fullframe equivalent) was able to compress into a tableau.

For more on the process of using the LUTs, as well as a video with a before/ after comparison of the LUTS and subtitles detailing which LUTs were used, see this post

Music: Bee’s Lullaby from Amostra III


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